Sleek fit suits, sleek ties, sleek briefcases… Sleek is the new statement for most. How would you make your business card stand out, make it catchier, stylish – sleek is the answer. Designing compact size business cards and giving them crisp edges is another way of making a business card that stays longer in your customer’s pocket or desks, making a statement for your business.

Design Slim Cards online with Modwelprint offers more than 12 pages of samples of different varieties in the Slim Business Cards section, including different varieties of paper, be it handmade paper, textured paper or glossy – anything that attracts you or resonates with your business. Our online platform provides you with an ample of options to choose, design and print your ideas, and to see how it may look like. Order them immediately; it is as convenient as picking score of your favorite game online.

Make Slim Business Card Online

Slim Business cards have various designs based on color schemes, edges of the paper, artwork based or textured based cards. Slim cards are attractive because of their unique size and conciseness, focusing only on the essentials of the cardholder, i.e.,name, designation and contact details. Crisp, clean and leaving its mark that’s the USP of a slim card. Their compactness gives them an easy space and lightness for the pocket of the receiver. Test design and preview your slim card, check how it looks and once you are happy with it, you can order us to print and deliver it to you. You are assured that the printed formatlooks the same as it looks online; all you have to do is place an order.

Yes! It is that simple

Still wondering how it works? The simple steps to create a Slim Business Card with Modwelprint are

–Open– Go to Business Card section and choose Slim Business Cards–Browse through the number of sample options or templates – Choose your color palette – Add your name, your company’s logo and details on the font face of your choice – Get a print preview – And finally, Order to print your idea!!!

It really is that simple.Transform your slim business card idea into being, by going online and creating one for you. Get it delivered to your doorstep, wait no more.

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