Uniquely handcrafted horizontal double sided slim cards

Slim cards are undeniably capturing all the talk of the town with their unique sleek looks and head turning designs. They are compact yet loud and assertive. They are also easier to store and hand out to customers and other interested people.

Speak out as much you like with horizontal double sided cards

Two sides meaning more canvas for creativity, you can now play with the sizes since you have more spaces to hand out information. But, keeping it real, it’s not possible for all to insert all their information in just 1.75” x 3.5” of paper. If anything, it becomes overfull and congested, and sometimes, important information is left out illegible in this compaction of text.

The solution? Horizontal double sided slim cards, where you can space out your text in an aesthetic and appealing way.

Modwelprint’s Online Horizontal Double Sided Slim Card Maker

On Modwelprint, you can create and customize your own slim cards. Give in only the information that you want to, choose your own text and font, select your own color palette, and pick your own theme. You can also choose from different finishes, like velvet, glossy, and matte. You can browse in and out of our very own horizontal double sided slim business card designs and take inspiration for your aesthetic.

Online Horizontal Double Sided Slim Card Printing for the ones who like it easy

The process of online horizontal double sided slim card printing is extremely easy and convenient. All you need to do is design your card online and post it. Place the order of as many cards as you want, and voila, have your horizontal double sided slim business cards delivered at your doorstep by our delivery partner!

Affordable online double sided slim card printing

Modwelprint serves with high quality cardstock in horizontal double sided cards at extremely affordable prices, lowest in the class segment. We manually look into the design before sending it to you, to ensure that it’s our best effort.

Wait no more, design your first horizontal double sided slim card on Modwelprint now!

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