Unique and new age vertical double sided slim business card designs

Vertical slim cards are the newest and the most unexpected take on business card designs. Modwelprint offers the trendiest styles of vertical double sided slim business card designs in the market. Sleek, colorful, and vibrant – our designs are profound and vivid, uniquely created by our in house designers.

Double bonus with Horizontal Double Sided Slim Business Card Design

One you get all the benefits of a vertical slim card like fitting well in the pocket and popping out from deck etc and second added space to add more information to lure potential client. They are smaller than the traditional business cards and differently oriented, too (you read them from top to bottom, not left to right, as with the traditional ones).

High quality vertical double sided slim card printing service

We use thick, high quality cardstock and ink to print out vertical double sided business cards. This ensures that their color never fades away, which happens with most of the business cards with the passage of time. But that’s not the case with our cards, you can totally count on them for the years to come.

Make your own Online Vertical Double Sided Business card

You can browse through all the designs that we have built, but the real privilege with us is that you can create your own design right from scratch. There are no restrictions on text, font, and colors – because stand by what we say – design your imagination.

Creative uses – more visibility of business cards

A client once designed online vertical double sided slim cards in a holy aesthetic and used them as hymnal bookmarks. Another client used vertical slim cards as tags to their wedding giveaways. Someone used them to label all their important belongings. So as we say, there’s no restriction to your imaginative power and our technical prowess is only here to complement it.

The wait for the perfect online design tool is over, Modwelprint’s vertical double sided slim card printing service is the coolest and most promising online designing platform ever. Dress your introduction to impress, order business cards from www.modwelprint.com now!

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