Fair, clear and square class with Square Business Cards

We all understand the importance of a business card –your first impression, your unspoken introduction, your standard determiner, your mini contact guide, and a small tool that helps people remember you in the long run – the list is never-ending.

Business Card Designing

But you need to know certain tips before designing a business card for yourself online or getting it done through a designing and printing house. The top advice of all business institutions and experts is that make your visiting cards stand out – opt for simplicity and minimalism but also take care that they are vivid and out of the box. This helps the receiver retains the meeting with you for a long time.

Square Card Design

One way of creating new and stylish cards is by designing square cards. Abandon the conventional idea of 3.5 x 2 inches of contact information, and pick a new shape – design square cards online!

Square business cards are very rare, plus look really adorable. Square is a contemporary and sophisticated shape, so you don’t really need to worry about the undertone of the shabbiness of unconventional items.

Customized Square Card Design

Custom Square Business Cards instill creativity and catch more attention. On the other hand, from the utility perspective, square business cards fit in wallets and pant pockets more conveniently.

Even from the designing perspective, they’re easier and take lesser time – because it’s a smaller canvas to fill in.

Double Side Square Cards Printing

We did say smaller canvas to fill in but double-sided canvas gives enough place to put more information smartly. Plus, after all, Instagram has made squares cool again, so here’s your share of validation for printing square cards and double-sided business cards online!

Print square business cards with Modwelprint and get a variety of choices – double side square cards, plain square business cards, single-sided square cards, etc. Simply pick a template and work on it yourself to create your personalized square business card.

Plain square business cards are equally compelling and attractive, we say wait no more and go online to order yours…now!

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