Gift yourself a break from the ordinary and not just that give a little edge too, with Horizontal Double Sided Textured Cards

Textured business cards are not only something very new to the industry of business cards in India, but they are also very pleasant and charming to look at. Which is why they are gaining all the hype these days. Modwel has come up with an exclusive range of horizontal double sided business cards that match with the pace of today’s forward, progressive and creative generation of businessmen and entrepreneurs and are equally liked by the varied potential clientele.

Unmatched range of Online Horizontal Double Sided Textured Card Design

Our creative back end team has developed some of the most sought after online horizontal double sided textured card designs. All of our designs are available for use and editing on our website.
With multiple attractive fonts and sometimes catchy illustrations, our designs are the torchbearers for the textured card industry. Why it is important to have a laborious team is because it’s very difficult to determine what kind of font goes with a texture, and how much spacing should be given between two texts. It is only the years of collective experience and the ability to think so innovatively, that our team provides the best online horizontal double sided textured card designs.

Design your own Online Design Horizontal Double Sided Textured Card

Modwel gives you the creative space to design your own online horizontal double sided textured card. You can personalize it all you want – add your own fonts, add the information that you think is important, add illustrations and come up with creative ideas for yourself!

Grab a Horizontal Double Sided Textured Business Card before your colleague does

As we said, horizontal double sided textured business cards are increasingly creating a buzz amongst young people in the corporate world. Don’t lose the chance to be the first one to have one in your office space and flaunt it all the way – grab a textured business card from Modwel without delay!

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