Novel, Creative and Elegant Vertical Double Sided Textured Cards

If you are someone who’s looking for new and creative ways to build stronger connections, then this is the best page you could have landed upon! Innovative card designs are not just there for the sake of it, they actually help you establish connections in the corporate world. This is because people remember it when they see something different, something out of the box.
A potential client, or the HR manager at your dream job, or simply a contractor – no matter who it is that you’re handing your card to, if it’s a vertical double sided textured card, you can soon expect a business call soon!

Why a Vertical Double Sided Textured Business Card will make a difference

It is not only that they look different, but also, the fact that they are double sided makes it very convenient to place an ample amount of contact information. Moreover, the fact that they are vertical, means there’s more space to conveniently organize the data.

Vertical double sided textured business cards are not only more aesthetic than traditional

horizontal cards, but also a lot easier to put together. Not to mention, they are all the more convenient to read.

The greatest collection of Online Vertical Single Sided Card Textured Card Designs

Our team has come up with some of the best and most catchy vertical single sided card designs that will instantly grab your client’s attention and will create a lasting impression. Not just this, Modwel also provides you the creative space to design your own cards. Once done, you can order a vertical double sided textured card for online printing. Your very personal designs will be delivered to your doorstep.

Design, order, and print Vertical Double Sided Textured Business Cards Online

Order your first textured business card today and enjoy being one of the first few to flaunt a Vertical Single Sided Textured Business Cards.

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