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Horizontal single sided transparent business cards are all the hype in India, and why not should they be?

Make your business card truly stand out by making it a transparent one. How often do you even come across a transparent business card? Don’t kid yourself, they are fairly rarefied. In the same size as a traditional business card, transparent business cards come with a unique look and feel, just like your company. Horizontal single sided transparent cards stand out even more than the business cards that use most vibrant colors and most astonishing fonts.

Your business card is truly an extension of your business and personality

Give people the opportunity to know you, your work and your style better with horizontal single sided transparent card. Easy to notice and hard to forget horizontal single sided transparent business cards will certainly take you places by creating an unforgettable impression on the receiver – be it a customer, a client, a prospect or a potential stakeholder.

Choose from a plethora of online horizontal single sided transparent card designs

Expert made transparent card designs available on Modwel – so excellent, they will take you on a swing. Modwel’s online horizontal singe sided transparent card designs are carefully handcrafted by our experts and they are such that they make sure no distortion occurs while printing. Distortion usually occurs when there’s too many things in one place. Small logos, illustrations, too much text – all of these things are actually terrible for a transparent horizontal single sided card design.

Make online horizontal single sided card design yourself

It’s not that difficult to design a transparent card, you just need to take care of a few things. For good readability, make sure to use not less than 10 point font, and give your horizontal single sided transparent business cards a lot of free space, so that it doesn’t look cluttered.

Order transparent horizontal single sided business card design for yourself

Get yourself transparent cards printed at the cheapest rates only on Modwel without any compromise on quality or design. Log in and click to get yours in a fizzy.