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Whose head wouldn’t turn at a vertical single sided transparent card?

Getting someone to take a second glance at your business card when they meet fifty new people every day, can be game-changing. As soon as the person looks at your card for the second time, he instantly registers it inside his brain, establishing that this is something different and impressive.

Vertical Single Sided Transparent Business Cards – crisp and impactful

Now the next time he needs someone with your occupation, he would not have to think twice before taking out your vertical single sided business card. They are trendy yet precise and give out all necessary information in style

Create a wholesome and innovative identity of yourself with vertical single sided business cards

That’s right, vertical single sided transparent cards are something that will most certainly be registered by your clients. Imagine receiving a vertical single sided business card yourself. First, it astonishes you by the sleek, new transparent look. There you register the person as someone innovative and thoughtful. Then when you look at it, it’s vertically oriented – What? It only adds to the innovative image of that person, making it easier for you to believe that he puts thought into every single detail of even the minutest of professional activities.

Make for yourself an online vertical singe sided transparent card design

With Modwel, you can not only choose from a plethora of vertical single sided transparent business card online designs, but you can also design a card for yourself. There is no restriction to however you want to design your first vertical single sided transparent card online. You just have to make sure to keep it spacious and clutter-free. You can’t put a lot of information on a transparent card, because the ink distorts in case of compact text, but the key information can easily be inserted in an aesthetic way.

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Give your first vertical single sided transparent card printing order to Modwel, a name that you trust. Get it home delivered conveniently by Modwel’s partners.