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Why use roll-up standees in your marketing campaigns – here is why

Roll up standees are like little banners that can be installed anywhere. They are mostly used outside conventions, fairs, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and promotional events. The best part about roll up standees as a marketing tool is that they can be installed both outdoors (outside exhibition lawns etc.) and indoors (in malls, hotels, and restaurants).

Roll up standees are extremely light in weight and very easy to carry around as they’re foldable.

They are slim and sleek, and large enough to attract mass attention instantly. They can resist the high intensity of sunlight and retain original colors even on high exposure.

Types of roll up standees

Modwelprint offers many types of roll up standees. There are many options available depending upon the need and placement of the standee. Other areas that need consideration is the duration that you intend to use it for and if you intend to use it multiple times at different places.

Luxury Roll up Standee

Luxury roll up standees are the ones that are exquisitely designed and suit the high class. Posh color pallets of black, grey, gold, and silver are used in luxury roll up standees. Minimalist design and simple messaging is the key here.

Aluminum Roll up Standee

We also offer aluminum roll up standees which are best known for their durability and robustness.

They can turn out to be very helpful and a real value for money if you’re the kind of business that needs to wander a lot from one place to another for exhibitions, etc.

Double Sided Roll up Standee

Another useful type is the double sided roll up standees. If you’re someone who has a lot to offer, then these are for you. You can list the Offerable on one side and describe your company, your contact information and your business on another side.

Online roll up standee printing in India

Roll up standee printing is very affordable with Modwelprint. Online roll up standee printing is always cheaper than offline or local printing.

Worry no more about your marketing needs with Modwelprint’s roll up standee offerings, order one for yourself today!