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Personalized envelopes lend extraordinary value to ordinary correspondence. An envelope with your company name and address makes an impact on the receiver. The genuineness of the letter or the content shared is evident. It equally makes a brand impact, subtly creating brand awareness. Add a logo or photo and tagline to personalize any envelope that you see fit to represent your business.

Design and Print your own Envelopes Online

A great looking personalized envelope always stands out and gives an aura of professionalism and resonates sincere business. For any business big or small, it is essential to have the company stationery to make a statement. Letterheads, stamps, label stickers, envelopes all should have the company logo and details. An envelope maker online platform like is a user-friendly platform that does it all for you and makes it fun to design your own stationery.

Custom Business Envelope Templates online

When you custom design envelope online with the help of you are being guided with professionals who know the importance of brand awareness. An envelope made for a special invite to be sent across or on an occasion like sending a birthday/anniversary card. You can design personalized envelopes online and get them printed and delivered with Modwel’s doorstep delivery. With options like window and windowless envelopes, addressed and not addressed, differently colored for different communication, long side and short side opening, multiple sizes and paper quality, etc., Modwel makes designing personalized envelopes online very convenient.

Close the deal – make a seal.

Envelopes for your signed deals, for the official paperwork, for appointment letters, for bills and various transactions need to be secured. Envelopes carry important documents and hence it is necessary to seal them with the right adhesive. And seal them well. Envelopes do come in with self-adhesive stickers, secured envelopes for invoices and checks, etc., to solve the issue for personalized communications.

Envelopes being transported around could be utilized as a tool for marketing your business too. Why wait – call attention to your correspondence with personalized envelopes? Especially, when you can design them by choosing from a large variety of great designs and print envelopes online with just a single click in no time.